Get NextJet


Learn how to clone the repository and install the starter kit.

Make sure you have read and followed the instructions on requirements before proceeding with the installation.


Clone the repository

Once you've gained access to the repository after purchasing the NextJet starter kit, you can clone the repository using the following command:

git clone

Update the upstream

In order for you to get the latest updates from the NextJet repository, you need to update the upstream.

git remote rm origin
git remote add upstream

Create your own repository on Github and add it as the origin.

git remote add origin your-repo-url

Now you have two remotes, origin and upstream. origin is your repository and upstream is the NextJet repository.

In the future, you can pull the latest changes from the NextJet repository using the following command:

git pull upstream main

Install dependencies

pnpm i

Install Husky

pnpm prepare

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