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Chat Widget

Learn how to configure the customer support chat widget to enable real-time communication with your users. This widget, located at the bottom of the page, allows you to provide immediate assistance and support.

For this feature we use Crisp, a customer messaging platform. They have a free plan that should be enough for most projects.

Configure Crisp

Create an account

Create an account and login on Crisp.

Get the Website ID

When you're logged in and on the dashboard, click on the Settings icon on the bottom left corner.

Click on Website Settings.

Click on the Settings button on your website.

Click on Setup instructions.

Copy the Website ID and paste it beside the NEXT_PUBLIC_CRISP_WEBSITE_ID in the .env.

Restart the development servers

Restart the development servers to apply the changes.

  pnpm dev

Try the chat widget

You can now see the chat widget on the bottom right corner of the marketing and dashboard apps.

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