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Customer Feedback

Learn how to collect customer feedback on your app using Canny. Setup a feedback board and let your users vote on features they want to see in your app, report bugs, and provide general feedback.

For this feature we use Canny, a tool that allows you to collect and manage feedback from your users. They have a free plan that should be enough for most projects.

Configure Canny

Create an account

Create an account and login on Canny.

Complete the onboarding

Fill in the details about your company and the name of your product.

Choose Public Feedback as the type of feedback you want to collect.

Type in feedback for the slug.

Get the board token

Navigate to Canny Docs - Web and click the Fill in board token for: dropdown and choose the board you created in the previous step.

Copy the boardToken value in the code snippet.

Paste the boardToken value beside the NEXT_PUBLIC_CANNY_BOARD_TOKEN in the .env.

Get the private key

Navigate to Canny Docs - Single Sign-On and copy the private key.

Paste the private key beside the CANNY_PRIVATE_KEY in the .env.

Customize the feedback board

Go to the Settings tab in the top right corner on the Canny dashboard.

Go to the General tab and customize the feedback board to match your brand.

Go to the Boards tab and change the description to your liking (This will be shown on the /feedback page on the dashboard app below the heading).

You may also go to Boards > Widget and add a widget url to point to your production url:

Restart the development servers

Restart the development servers to apply the changes.

  pnpm dev

Try the feedback board

You can now see the feedback board on the dashboard app by clicking on the user avatar on the top right corner and then clicking on Give feedback or by navigating here.

Manage the feedback board

You can manage the feedback board as an admin on the Canny dashboard. View, reply and change the status of the feedback.

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